#HowLizWorks: 8 Things To Learn

Never let your ego get in the way of your passion” – Liz Hernandez

Liz Hernandez of NBC’s Access Hollywood, former co-host of Power 106 and host of E! News Now, (the entertainment news program’s first Latina correspondent) has always been one of my biggest role models.

She’s one of my favorite women to follow on social media. Her daily tweets are motivating, and her Instagram account helps me envision the lifestyle I want to work for. I hope to wake up every day doing what I love. Side note: my dream vacation is to go to Tahiti, where she just came back from! Whatever goals she sets for herself, she makes happen.

When Liz announced that she was hosting her first workshop in LA this month, I knew I had to go. Meeting her, and learning her work ethic, have always been on my bucketlist.


How Liz Works” was held at the Vertigo Event Venue in Glendale, and to no surprise, was a packed house. One section in the front right of the room was reserved for the important people in Liz’s life: her tight circle of friends, family, parents and life coach Big Boy of Power 106.

While I took heavy notes in my journal trying to savor every piece of advice she had to say, I think I’m just going to keep her lesson brief on my blog. After all, this was supposed to be an intimate event between Liz, Levi (her boyfriend), and Liz’s fans.

Below is an outline of the mantras that Liz lives by, which she stressed to everyone in the room regardless of his/her profession. After, I will add some other important lessons that weren’t included in this success workshop.

PART ONE: “How Liz Works”

1. Always be ready to work.

There are no short cuts or easy routes to success; “Making it” takes dedication/hours, and not letting your ego get in the way.

While her friends spent their weekends at the bars, she was waking up at 5am to work for free as an intern at the radio station.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 1.24.49 AM

2. Decide and do.

Make the commitment to move forward no matter what, and honor that commitment each day. Don’t keep a Plan B, because it will distract you from Plan A.

Step out of your comfort zone, and put your plan into action. There’s enough room for everyone to be successful.

3. Don’t just be on time, be early.

Being on time is a positive character trait. If people can rely on you to be on time, they can trust you with bigger things.

Preparation is where success is found.

4. Bring a good attitude

“We can’t control what will happen everyday on the job or in life, but what we can control is how we react” – Liz Hernandez

Always keep an open mind, a gratitude journal, and remind of yourself of your blessings every day. Do everything with a smile and make it enjoyable, since you have to do it anyway. 🙂

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 1.25.33 AM

5. Practice, Practice, Practice = Preparation

10,000 hours = expert in your skill (funny thing she said that, I’m reading Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” right now, which emphasizes this as key to success)

You can’t become an expert overnight; Build on your skill/craft, and never assume that you’ve practiced or prepared enough.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 1.26.31 AM

6. Don’t let your hard work go in vain.

“Don’t let your past success diminish your preparation for the future.”

Give your craft the time and respect it deserves no matter what. Keep learning, striving for more, and never go on “cruise control.” Don’t stop once you’re at your dream job, because you should always be growing as a person, for yourself.

7. Self inventory is self success.

Taking time for yourself is being true to yourself, and it’s the only way to reach your full potentional.

Examples: meditating, reading, journaling 10 minutes to start your day

Set your intentions every morning, and realize your blessings to help build self esteem. Always be mindful of your thoughts, and remember that you are in control of them at all times.

8. Your relationships are a reflection of you.

“Your friends are the protectors of your dreams. They are your encouragement.”

Be mindful of the people you keep around you. If you don’t have family supporting you, create one though your friends. Find your mentor in life.

Side note: If people say you can’t do it, it’s because they are afraid for themselves.

PART TWO: Big Boy + More Lessons

Today was everything I needed, and so much more. I got all the inspiration I came for, plus much needed advice from Big Boy himself.

Good energy is contagious.

When I walked into the building with my sorority sister Jackie, I told her that it would make my life if I got to meet Big Boy. One of the funniest people on the planet- he makes my morning commute anywhere enjoyable (even in LA traffic). Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 is everything!

If Big Boy can lift my spirits and make me laugh through the radio, I couldn’t imagine what being in the same room as him would do.

After the meet and greet with Liz, I wanted to see who else I could learn from at the event. Sure enough, there was a separate line to meet and greet Big Boy (that just shows how respectable he is).

Side note: Liz quoted Big Boy in her workshop in regards to fans asking for signatures: “Asking isn’t the problem. When they stop asking, there’s a problem.”

When our turn came up, I gave Big Boy a big hug, and told him how happy I was to finally meet him! I asked if he minded me asking some questions. His response: “Of course not, love. Shoot away.”

Q1: I want to be a radio DJ for Power 106 one day, but I already graduated college, so I can’t become an intern anymore (they only do school credit internships). What do you suggest I do?

A: Internships aren’t the only way in.

In short, after I told him how much I’ve been emailing the social media blogger and trying to stay in touch with the station, he invited me back to Power 106 this Thursday at 6:30am. Are you kidding me?!

Q2: I really want to become a better DJ (I have a lot to learn still), but more school isn’t within my budget. Do you suggest I take workshops, or do you know of any mentors I can get in contact with?

A: Another invite to meet DJ E-Man this Thurs and discuss this more.

Best convo of my life. I LOVE YOU BIG BOY.

Internships don’t guarantee a job

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get an internship in your field. There are other ways in, and eventually your hard work and skill will be noticed. Network like crazy and be persistent. There is no formula for getting into radio, TV, film etc.

Also, just because you have an internship for a year, doesn’t mean it will turn into a job.

Power couple

Levi Maestro and Liz Hernandez are one of my favorite power couples.

Liz has been talking about hosting this event for her fans for years, and Levi finally helped her put it into action. He not only coordinated the event, but was right by her side to help guide the workshop. Between Liz getting emotional, she would recognize how much Levi pushes her to strive for more. When she got the job at E!, he even told her “Don’t stop now- Don’t you want to write a book too?”

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 1.21.48 AM


Watch Liz’s  promo IG video here:



One thought on “#HowLizWorks: 8 Things To Learn

  1. Christina , I’m blessed to see you chasing your dreams and, it’s inspiring and contageous.I believe your on to something great, just know I’m behind you 110%
    Your bro Daniel

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