Keep Ya Head Up

June 16

Today is Tupac Shakur’s birthday – I had to dedicate a post to one of my favorite artists of all time.

I came across a rare interview with Jhene Aiko regarding her connection with Tupac and why she always covers “Keep Ya Head Up” at her shows. Every time I hear an artist open up about his/her struggles, it gives me strength. It makes me feel like everything will work out for me too – as long as I keep pushing and being persistent. Everyone has to start from somewhere.

Quote of the day

“Be thirsty for knowledge.”

Never stop learning, growing and developing. Question everything, and don’t feel confined to one belief. Open your mind, and the world will open up to you.


Like Jhene Aiko, who grew up with older siblings, I listened to Tupac on a regular basis. I didn’t have a connection with him until high school when I was going though a tough time. I realized that this song is an anthem for any woman who finds herself struggling through life. His lyrics are empowering, relatable and real. Because of this, I have always had so much respect for Tupac. He’s more than a “gangster rapper.” Tupac was an artist, poet, philosopher, and social activist.

The way he speaks about the system and the reality of issues that people shy away from, makes him stand out as a leader. His legacy continues to leave an impact in the hip-hop world.


Rest easy, Tupac.

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