Trust the process

Summer has practically flashed before my eyes since my last post. While I had my share of spontaneous Vegas trips and pool parties, there’s one important lesson that I learned:

Trust the process

As much as you want to plan out your life out, things aren’t always going to go according to plan. People are going to hurt you, unexpected circumstances will unfold, and there will be times when you feel overwhelmed and questioned yourself (and God).


You have to start living in the moment, and having faith in the unknown. Not everything will be clear to you…at least now right now.

Be patient, and embrace the bad times as much as the good. The bad times are what teach us the most. From learning about ourselves, testing our faith, to gaining wisdom that we can pass on to people going through the same struggle.

One day, you will look back on your trial and admire how you got through it. I’ve conquered many situations that I never thought I would make it through. But those struggles are periods that I look back on, and make me admire my own strength (and the fact that I didn’t give up).

Be resilient. If the process was easy, it wouldn’t be rewarding.

Have a deep sense of trust in what can not be seen, because God is always working.


For some reason, it seems like a lot of people around me have been in a “funk”. I find this so weird, considering that I wait all year long for summer, and I was in one too.

Last month was rough for me – I broke down a few times. From losing my wallet Fourth of July weekend to not getting gigs to seeing my family struggle. (July is supposed to be a primetime for a fun lol).

I told myself that August would be a fresh start and that I would stay positive no matter what. Once I got my license back and a wallet, it was time to pick myself back up and do work.

People finally started hitting me up again with gigs, including an invite on Voidshift Radio, which is broadcasted on Beat Junkie Radio worldwide. (Super excited to finally be a guest on the show!)

I was reminded that I can’t wait around for people to offer me gigs. I gotta stay hustling and always be hungry. In the words of Eric Thomas, “you have to want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe.”



Vice Opens Up About His Career

In an interview with Laptop DJ podcast, DJ Vice opens up about his career and principles of success. He explains that back in the day, DJs didn’t have the internet and social media the way it consumes our lives today. Because of this, he didn’t have restrictions for himself. He didn’t worry about how “that person is so much better than me.” There was no way to research other DJs in the area, so he explains: “all I knew was who I was about and what I could do.” Vice didn’t compare himself to anyone else; instead he focused on his own work.

With hundreds of new producers/DJs/artists popping up, it might seem overwhelming. This goes with any other profession. We live in a world full of talented people, but you can’t waste time trying to compete with them.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and worry about your own wave.

There is plenty of room for everyone to be successful. Admire other’s people’s work, but focus on your own progress. The best thing you can do is find ways to improve your own craft.

Block everything else out, like it doesn’t exist. Be inspired by others, but only compete with yourself. Do what feels right to you.

In the process of preparing my guest set, I learned this:

Stop thinking and create! Vibe out and have fun with it. Don’t over-think things.

“Starve the ego, feed the soul” – DJ AM

Life is not a race.

Don’t worry about how old or young someone is in your profession, because we all started on our journeys at the time we were meant to start. It’s not about how young you started, but your passion for what you do.

Protect your energy.


Although I got offered a residency (shhh it’s a secret for now) and other gigs coming up in the fall, there are other parts of my life that are not in place. I’m not going to front like everything is perfect. Just know that you gotta work through the process.

Do your best, pray, and let God handle the rest.

When you’re feeling angry, sad, bitter, depressed – forget everything else and do what you have to do to put your energy in check. Go for a hike, write in a journal, read a book, take a train to SF, help someone in a worse situation than you. Everything revolves around your energy.

Put your own health before everything else. You deserve to be happy.


Place yourself in an environment that’s healthy for you – where you are constantly growing and progressing. Change things up when you have to.

Life is meant to be a divine process, and everyone’s journey is meant to be different. Focus on your own and embrace your own process.

Do more of what makes you happy.

(Video by Tanya Reyes <3)

In honor of August, I wanted to dedicate this post to my brother Daniel (who I know will read this). I believe in you and will always be here for you. Thank you for trusting my vision.

Sending positive vibes to everyone!

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