It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

When you think you might be the only person struggling with anxiety, depression or negative thoughts – just know that you are not alone.

It takes a brave soul to bring his struggles to light, especially when millions of fans have their eyes on you. Always remember – everyone has a battle to fight. You are never alone (even when it might feel like it).



It’s been a LONG break – almost a year – since my last post. No way I’m gonna attempt to catch up the past 10 months. But I will say 2016 has been a GREAT year! New home, new opportunities, new experiences. I have a residency at the San Manuel Casino every Friday night this month. Blessing on blessings.

It seems like I got everything I wanted (and more) this year. An amazing boyfriend. My own place. My mom is sober and healthy. I’m getting gigs I used to probably dream about. But I found myself struggling the past couple weeks with anxiety and more. I don’t know where these negative thoughts came from… it’s like they creeped up on me. Maybe it started with a visit to see my family. I started feeling guilty for things I should not feel guilty for. Every day after that felt like a battle. I didn’t understand because I am SO blessed and surrounded by people who love me. To say I am privileged is an understatement.

Last week on October 4, when I was going through this state of unhappiness, Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab and announced to his fans that he was battling depression and suicidal thoughts.

I had no idea, even though there were signs in his lyrics all along. I have so much respect for Cudi as an artist who is willing to open himself up to the world, possibly saving other lives. He shed light on the issue of depression, which is not something that is commonly talked about among artists. Everyone seems to think they are alone when in this state – when that is far from the truth. Fortunately, with self-love, therapy and patience in the healing process – depression can be overcome.


“I am not at peace,” Cudi wrote. “I haven’t been since you’ve known me.”

Celebrities have always faced mental health issues but rarely have been this forthcoming. Maybe they’re too ashamed or embarrassed…. But what if part of your calling in life is to give hope to others experiencing the same struggles?

I love that Letty from Real 92.3, who I have been following since her Power 106 days, decided to respond to this post, offering words of encouragement for Cudi and fans. I was sad when Letty, formally known as “Rikki Martinez,” was off the radio for a while. Fortunately, Letty did not give up on her career. She persevered and moved onto bigger things.

Remember: always KEEP IT MOVING.

Redirect your energy.

Long exposure of waves crashing on rocks at sunset, taken at Pelican Cove, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

I knew I had to shake what I was feeling off, so I decided to meditate on the beach with my boyfriend. I had to figure out why I was feeling depressed. I think whenever I stray away from the people and things that make me happy – like writing, I don’t feel fulfilled. Even though I have been getting a lot of bookings lately, I stopped writing on this blog which has been a very important outlet for me. The monotonous routine that my 9-5 requires of me has also been weighing me down, and I have been struggling to balance everything in my life. I thrive off creativity and using my skills/talents. This means I have to start doing more of things that make me happy and spend more time with people I love.

“24/7” by Kehlani

I will end this post with a song, “24/7,” by Kehlani that reminds you Its Ok Not to Be Ok.

Kehlani fought through her own battle with depression/anxiety after her breakup and internet rumors the beginning of this year. She is now this strong, beautiful and empowering woman who can basically overcome anything. Her career is taking on another level because of her resilience and positive outlook on life. It’s been amazing to watch her grow as an artist and human being.

Find the things that make you the happiest, invest all your energy into those things and everything else will come into place.


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