Being busy is a blessing.

October has been such a HECTIC month, but in a good way…

Just when I felt like complaining about having no breaks, I had to be reminded:

Being busy is a blessing.

Someone out there might wish to be in my shoes, or have these gigs. I need to stay grateful.

This past weekend, I finished my third set of gigs at San Manuel Casino since August…which was basically like DJ bootcamp. I took over the Pines Nightclub every Friday. This meant missing one of my close friend’s annual Halloween party that I wanted to DJ. But sacrificing good times is just part of the package.

Not gonna lie – with all the driving to San Bernardino on top of having my day job, I was feeling pretty drained. Today was the first day I actually got to rest with my Dimepiece socks and a cup of tea as I worked from home in bed.

I decided to pick up the book “#GirlBoss” by Sophia Amoruso, which I have been dying to read. The first three pages had me hooked. I didn’t want to put this book down!

Why have I not read this book sooner??

Lately, one of my struggles has included comparing myself to others – and putting myself down for not being where I want to be (which is far away from this insurance day job).

But I am EXACTLY where I need to be.

And it only gets better..

Here’s a quote from the first chapter that really spoke to me:

“The energy you expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own.”

Aside from working all these DJ gigs, I have been applying to writing jobs on the side…with no luck. But this doesn’t mean I should stop writing, or give up on my love for writing. I have to learn to create my own opportunities like Sophia, who created her own company, Nasty Gal, when a regular job just wasn’t for her.

While other sellers were focused on stalking Sophia’s business and trying to bring her business down, Sophia was focused on finding ways to make her business unique from everyone else. She now owns a $100-million-plus business that started as a vintage shop on eBay.

I CANNOT settle.

I have to keep finding ways to make myself better and focusing on my own progress. My goal is to do creative writing for an e-commerce fashion company. Now it’s time for me to learn about the industry and manifest this job into a reality.

There is no finish line in this game… We all have our own unique story to tell.

As Sophia says, “fortune favors action.” This means I have to go out there and get it – and not stop ’til it’s mine. I need to work even harder and stay positive that the results will come with time.

I need to focus on becoming a better DJ and continue to write about my journey.

For now, I need to give myself credit for having some pretty awesome gigs. Like DJing the Dimepiece sale on October 22 in downtown LA.


This is me on my third night at the Pines:


Also, thanks to my casino gig last month, I was able to invest in a camera to start using for this blog 🙂


I had a good meditation session the first day I tested it out. The session helped me to envision my dream day job, to the point of picturing the clothes I would wear and having a dog next to me as I work on my laptop lol. I have to believe that this writing job will be mine soon. If not, maybe I should just create it?

I’m excited for a new month & new opportunities!

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