Find a place where you can flourish

“You will never regret trying to fulfill your dream” – Alexi Wasser

Yesterday afternoon, I stepped foot inside the New Content retail store for its grand opening in Lil Saigon. I quickly changed into a New Content white t-shirt before I began setting the vibes for this event…it was so comfy.


One of my close college friends… like a big sister to me…took a major risk by opening up a retail store with her two business partners. Watching Jennifer take her passion for fashion to the next level was amazing to witness.

Their hope for the store is to provide a creative space for people to come by, gather inspiration, collaborate and share ideas with others – helping each other rise up.


While Jennifer still has a 9-5 desk job in HR, I’m happy she realized there’s more for her. I know anything that involves creativity and fashion is a place where she can prosper.

Another close friend of mine, Beverly, was there striking up conversations with customers while making sales. Beverly, who I was SO EXCITED to see, recently left her job at the San Francisco Chronicle to start her own side hustles in Joshua Tree. When I asked Bev what it was like to take such a big risk to leave a REALLY good job, she said, “It’s not easy, but’s it’s worth it…It’s not like money is rolling in everyday. But I knew there was more for me out there when I was working my graphic design job.”


This is Beverly’s latest business venture – growing kombucha for its health benefits to sell to local markets.


I think it’s a beautiful coincidence that I’m reading a book, “#GirlBoss,” about taking control of your own life, and fighting a world of boredom by doing something you love. Something that keeps you engaged and flourishing.

Like Sophia says, work is something we ALL have to do. So might as well make it something you enjoy!

“It was the straying that found the path direct” – Austin Osman Space

Most of us HAVE to work several odd jobs before finally figuring out what keeps us engaged. A life of counting down the clock at the desk is NOT for me.

I notice I can DJ for hours on end… like I do at San Manuel Casino.. and the time flies by. There is nothing like the feeling of having creative control when I’m working. The goal is to not feel like a prisoner at work, but instead wake up everyday like it’s Friday.

I need to figure out a way to make a living out of writing too. Blogging is something I can do anytime because it never feels like work to me.


I thrive off of inspiration and working with creative people like Beverly and Jennifer. How blessed am I, to be surrounded by friends opening up businesses?


If you are reading this and not sure what path you want to take in life…. look for a place where you can bring your talents, find out what you’re good at, and in the words of Sophia, “find a place where you can flourish.”

Everything will work out.

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