Life Is Too Short to Play It Safe

This past April I decided to quit my job…

and it was the greatest decision ever.

After watching Les Brown Youtube videos on repeat in the mornings, I felt inspired to take this necessary leap of faith. The most powerful message I received from Les Brown: life is way too short to play it safe. Tomorrow is not promised, so do what makes you happy now.

I went to Coachella in braids and metallic tattoos letting my soul and spirit run free as I entered a new and vibrant chapter.

Choose courage over comfort.

I grew tired of making excuses, feeling unhappy and complaining about my 9-5. Maybe you can relate? I always felt I didn’t belong there… I have so much more to offer the world than reporting insurance claims and taking phone calls from angry hotel guests. My heart is in DJing and blogging to inspire other women – my creative passions. It was time for me to actually do something about it. I didn’t want to end up stuck because my job was “comfortable”.

Fortunately, we live in a generation where you aren’t limited to being stuck in a job you hate. There are other ways to hustle…like becoming a ride share driver, for example. There’s also Uber Eats, dog walking services (yes, that’s a thing!) – if you’re in the same shoes and willing to take the risk.

Becoming a Lyft driver in Los Angeles felt like the perfect gig for me (doesn’t mean it’s for everybody though). After taking many Lyft rides on weekends to go out and talking to dope Lyft drivers, I realized that I could get by with my bills. I live in the city and this could turn into the perfect networking opportunity (and let me tell you, it has).

Adventure more.

Since quitting my job, I have been taking better care of my health, hitting the gym hard, and focusing on bettering myself. Most importantly, I’ve been focusing on my goals. I have been building and creating my brand..and finally made my own website. I’ve been going on spontaneous trips with my boyfriend (who quit his job with me) to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, and watching live music performances. I’ve been exploring downtown and really getting to know this city through driving.

My creativity right now feels like it’s at its highest. I haven’t felt this focused  and energetic in a long time…I’m finally starting to thrive again.

Being a Lyft driver for 3 months, I already have a handful of entertaining, wild (at times hectic), and inspiring stories with passengers…but I’ll save these for later. I really feel connected to Los Angeles through driving and I love these experiences – that’s why I’m changing this blog to share stories with you along my entrepreneurial journey, renaming it “Downtown Chronicles.”

I turned the page of my life story to a new chapter as I follow my creative purpose. Let me just say – I have ZERO regrets about leaving my job. Nothing beats having creative control of your work.


I’ve had a few speed bumps along the way, and it hasn’t been financially easy – but I’m learning (with the help of my supportive boyfriend) to always keep it moving, Also, I am doing my best not to get caught up with Lyfting and balance my time wisely.

I’m going to leave you the link to the motivation video that really inspired me to leave my job. Why wait for the “perfect time?” Sometimes, we just have to go for it…and have faith.

Some of the best times in life come from the “f*ck it, I’m down” moments. That’s why I’m on a plane to Maui with my sorority sisters.

I’ll be back soon to follow up with another post….

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