About Me

My name Christina.

I grew up in a beach city, called Oceanside, in San Diego, CA. Since I was 7, I’ve always had a love for writing and storytelling. I remember my mom making me fall in love with music too and that was my greatest connection with her. My parents divorced and I had a tough time with all the factors that came with it. When I turned 18, I move to Orange County and joined a sorority in college that changed my life forever.

I grew into a strong, independent female who began to understand the importance of female empowerment. Whenever I was stressed out in school, I used music to help me get by. I got introduced to DJing by a friend of mine, and decided to pick up a new hobby while I got through school.

I moved to Los Angeles after graduating to follow my bliss. Within a year, I fell in love with the LA parties and DJ culture.

We all have our own unique journey. I’ve learned that the time spent comparing your life or circumstances to others could be better spent working on yourself. Just because you have obstacles or came from a broken home, doesn’t mean you can’t change your attitude to do amazing things. Meditation really showed me how to connect with my true being and also the power behind our energy.

My purpose is to empower women to follow their passions and share how I overcame my own struggles with anxiety, overthinking and more.  I hope to inspire my readers with my story that is still unfolding.

Life is too short to play it safe and not make your ideas a reality. I left my 9-5 to do what really makes me happy and fulfill my true purpose in life: to help others by sharing my journey.


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